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Liberty Swing

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The Liberty Swing is both therapeutic and fun! This is a swing that allows children in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in the park. It is the only swing of its type that is fully lockable and allows a maximum swing height – that is, really swinging, not just rocking back and forth. This swing has the highest features possible. The swing frame is constructed of high grade powder coated steel. The seatbelt compartment contains a seatbelt for added protection and security. It is locked away in a box with the ramp key after each use. The yellow capsule is of rotomoulded plastic contruction with an internal steel bracket and is able to carry a maximum of weight of 550 lb. The ramp is fully-detachable with a key and is locked in place when not in use. When unlocked, the ramp drops into a sunken well formed by the surface material and with a gentle push, the capsule starts to swing.  The swing could also include the Shade cloth, the cloth is being installed increasingly in areas where UV radiation exposure presents a significant risk.  

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