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Rubber Trails/Pour-In-Place

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Rubber Trails is a 100% Recycled Rubber Safety Surface from waste stream content that is designed to offer pedestrians and joggers a low-impact, good traction, shock absorbing, and firm but resilient rubber surface. The poured, seamless system provides a safer and attractive option for trail and pathway systems that will beautify our parks and recreation centers, schools, and public facilities. The surface is also durable enough for strollers, wheel-chairs, bicycles, and light duty vehicles.The tensile strength properties provide long-term durability and the rubber is from refined, recycled tires that is free of metal. These materials are pigmented to replicate the appearance of a natural walking trail. Rubber Trails will provide a more comfortable walking surface by reducing aches and pains in your joints which usually occur with traditional walking surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or good ole Mother Nature.

Poured-In-Place is a form of surfacing consisting of poured or bonded rubber.

1.0" - 3.0" Depth

Pricing is determined by depth and square footage. 

Available in a variety of EPDM colors. 

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